Sunday, November 28, 2010


My first reaction to the WikiLeaks story was anger. What WikiLeaks are doing is probably underhanded and self-righteous, but under the Constitution, the United States government cannot infringe on free speech. WikiLeaks is no different than a newspaper or pamphleteer from the 18th century.

The sheer number, and the nature of the leaked documents suggests incompetence, or worse. If the US government has secrets to keep, then it had better keep them well. It should prosecute anyone with a security clearance caught leaking documents, to the full extent of the law. Someone who feels inclined to leak classified documents should be prepared to face the consequences as part of the courage of their convictions (or profit motive).

Finally, my government had better be conducting itself in ways that I would not be ashamed of, should its covert operations be exposed. Unfortunately, a government as big and powerful as the current regime is frightfully likely to be doing all kinds of things that lots of people would be ashamed of.

Update: I still think shooting the messenger is the wrong approach. Assange might be an anti-American twit, but he isn't really the problem. The ineptitude of our government is the problem. As far as the leaker(s), if he (they) disagrees with our government on principle, then they should be willing to die for their convictions. Otherwise, they're not convictions, they're just preferences. And treason is the only crime that our Constitution mentions specifically. It carries the death penalty. That is to deter people who would commit treason out of preference instead of conviction. Our government should be prosecuting for treason, and executing those found guilty of it. That was the agreement.


  1. Those who leak government secrets have no justification.

  2. Anonymous,

    People should be prepared to die for their convictions. If they are not prepared to die, then they're not convictions; they're merely preferences.

    Treason is the only crime specifically mentioned in the Constitution (Article 3, Section 3). It carries a penalty of death.


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