Thursday, December 23, 2010


For the past 100 years, while we were sleeping, under the radar, the left has been passing laws to further their agenda. The 111th lame duck congress hit the gas, in order to get as much 'progressive' agenda in under the wire as they possibly could before the new congress is sworn in next January.

It just occurred to me: Why can't we preservatives do exactly the same thing, except repeal every possible law to further our agenda? It isn't as if we need most of those laws. If big government is detrimental, then why not repeal it?

Even if we can't succeed entirely, we can at least maintain some kind of equilibrium. Undo the 'progressive' agenda as fast as they can implement it. We know the 'progressives' haven't been particularly selective in their approach; they just try to ratchet up government power every chance they get. We should be just as opportunistic, and ratchet down government power every chance we get.

If the Republicans lived up to their name, they would be not just the "Party of No", or even the "Party of Hell No!", but the party of "Slash and Burn", dismantling nearly every 'progressive' agenda item of the past 100 years that makes itself available -- restoring constitutional government, liberty and equal justice for all.

I'm certainly not advocating anarchy, or repealing the civil rights amendment, or re-instituting slavery. I'm talking about annihilating all laws, programs and regulations to which the question, "Where in the Constitution did We the People give government the authority to do that?" has no credible answer.

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