Thursday, December 30, 2010

Waah! The Constitution is Old and Confusing! Mommy!

In this video, the correspondent explains how reading the Constitution, according to the new rules in Congress is a gimmick, because the Constitution is old and confusing:

The US Constitution is confusing? I read and implement specifications for a living. The Constitution is far less confusing than many other specifications I have read. There's no shortage of documentation explaining what the founders meant. The Federalist explains the specification in great detail. And what does the Constitution's age have to do with anything? Politics and human nature haven't changed a bit in 230 years. Perhaps we need a few more engineers in congress (and the media). I think we could help them out.

It is human nature to seek power over others, and having obtained power, to expand power. The Constitution is anything but complicated. It is simply designed to limit power. What is complicated is trying to figure out how to twist it into a vehicle to expand power. Progressives have been doing that for 100 years, changing the meaning of "general welfare", necessary and proper, the commerce clause, into virtual power grabs. But when you become familiar with the original intent -- the thing We the People ratified -- the problem is obvious, and not at all confusing. We are fighting tyranny, pure and simple.

Preservatives, with our emphasis on the founding principles are leading the way, forcing the 'progressives' to defend their actions. This is a good thing. We can't let up.

Update: We can get all indignant about this, but satire is another way to deal with it.

Update: More satire.

Update: Ezra Klein in his own defense. I disagree with him, of course. I think we have plenty of documentation that describes in very clear terms, what the Constitution means, and how our republic is supposed to work. One side wants to follow that vision, and the other side doesn't. One side wants to insist that we follow the Constitution as ratified and subsequently amended by due process, and the other side doesn't. One side wants to fix obsolescent parts of the Constitution through due process (amendments) and the other side wants to deconstruct it. That is what cleaves American politics, Ezra.

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