Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste" ~ Rahm Emanuel

And if you don't have a serious crisis, by all means, create one. If you want to assume total political power, you create anarchy and chaos. Before long, the populace will beg for order, any order. A New World Order, if you've got one.

Barack Obama has been President for a little over two years, and now the entire world is on fire. If you think the Obama administration hasn't caused this, think again. Obama has brazenly and systematically alienated US allies, emboldened US enemies, and essentially taken the lid off all of the world's hot spots. The middle east is nearing total political melt-down. If that happens, the price of oil will skyrocket (worse than it already has, that is). That will make the prices of everything else skyrocket, including food and medical care.

People will start demanding that the government provide food and medical care, and thereby lock in the recently passed big government programs -- and with it, the 'progressive' big government elites. It will be the end of the middle class, of capitalism and the system of government envisioned by our founders, that provided the highest standard of living that mankind has ever known. Goodbye Enlightenment. Welcome to the New Dark Ages. I hope we can learn to like serfdom.

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