Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Letter to Puget Sound Energy

Dear PSE,

About six months ago, I started receiving "energy report cards" in the mail, telling me that I'm using significantly more energy than my neighbors. Several of my friends and co-workers have received similar notices. I understand the desire and the need to save energy, but I find this comparison to be intrusive and sanctimonious. I'm not in some contest to see who can be more "green". I'm trying to live my life as frugally and responsibly as practical, and I don't need unsolicited advice about how I should do it.

It isn't my concern how much energy my neighbors are using, or vice-versa. If I can afford to pay my electric bill according to our terms of service, then the issue should end there. We happen to have four active adults and one teen-ager living in this household. People are here all day. Some of us work from home, saving on transportation! I believe our energy consumption is legitimate.

I do not appreciate the "big brother" approach being employed here. I believe that you are being pressured by agents of Agenda 21 -- Sustainable Development/ICLEI to do this kind of thing, and I think that it is a diminishing matter of time before we lose yet another civil liberty, ushering in government control over our energy use with so-called "smart meters" and similar technology. Sure, it will start out voluntary, but the historical, natural progress of things is for it to become mandatory. This country used to be based on economic liberty, but increasingly it is based on government mandates and centralized control.

If you think this is conspiracy theory, you need look no further than Community Energy Challenge, shown on your Home Energy Report letterhead. This is conspiracy fact! Community Energy Challenge is supported by Sustainable Connections, ReSources, BALLE, and many others. These are NGOs and non-profits, using my tax dollars and the force of government to promote "sustainable development" all wrapped in a pretty green bow, in direct opposition to our property rights, economic freedom, free markets, capitalism, national sovereignty -- in short, our civil liberties -- and I strongly resent it! The website indicates that it is paid for in part by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. Thanks a heap, DOE. Which article of the Constitution gives government the authority to do that?

In a free market, I could simply say, "if you persist in this Orwellian scheme, I'll just take my business elsewhere", but of course we both know I can't do that.

Karl Uppiano

Which article of the Constitution gives government the authority to do that?

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