Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Am I Anti-Environment?

Am I anti-environment? No, I'm anti environmentalist. I don't like watermelons. I want to leave to my children a planet that is cleaner than I found it, with scenic places and fresh air and water. However, I also want to leave to my children a world that is freer than I found it, with liberty and justice for all.

There has to be a balance. The definition of an extremist is someone who prioritizes their cause above everything else at any cost. The cost for environmentalism, is liberty. Environmentalists want government to force everyone to do what environmentalists think should be done to protect the planet. The trouble is, government bureaucracy is much harder to adapt to new conditions and new information than free markets, private enterprise and individual liberty. Private property, vested interest, individual stewardship, are the keys to a better environment. Just look at the evidence: a quick scan of the planet shows that the environment is cleaner where people are freer.

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