Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog's Tails

If I had a dog, he'd look like this.
Mitt Romney's family takes dog on vacation. Barack Obama eats dog. Which one do you suppose the media are all excited about? Oh, sure they have some way to rationalize it. I'm sure there's a good story for both of them. The difference is, the Romney's dog survived the trip (and maybe even enjoyed it -- safely), whereas Obama's dog got eaten. Which one had the better outcome?


  1. It's a really dull campaign, when they have to dig up 20- and 30-year old things.

    Meanwhile, where is anything Obama wrote while he was a law school star?

    1. It really shouldn't be that dull. It's too bad the Republicans aren't running a more principled candidate, but even so, Romney is running against the least principled president in American history. The man obviously has absolutely no clue about the founding principles of American government.

      The fact that he has eaten dog (whereas that would be an extremely rare experience for most Americans) proves that Obama is of a foreign culture, even if he should turn out to be "Born in the USA".

    2. Obama at law school? That was all scrubbed and washed down the memory hole. Anyone with first person knowledge must have received some most handsome hush money.


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