Saturday, May 19, 2012

12 Year Old Victoria Grant on Banking

Replace "Bank of Canada" with "The Federal Reserve" and "Canada" with "United States", and her thesis applies here.

With talent and insight like that, she'll be "The One Percent" of her generation, as everyone should aspire to be.

Note that she isn't anti-bank, or anti-capitalist; she is anti-corruption, anti-crony capitalism, and pro-economic sanity.

My youngest son participates in a debate club (NCFCA), and many of those kids sound just like Victoria here. Their debate coach says (with a wink) that he expects "his kids" to rule the world (as opposed to merely winning the next debate round). They will be The One Percent, and they will get there through hard work, superior knowledge (but I repeat myself), and ethics. See if they don’t. They might do it even if the government takes and artificially redistributes 99% of their earnings. They understand that wealth redistributes itself without government intervention. Even the "evil" corporations would come by it fairly and honestly if the government would quit (un)leveling the playing field all the time.

(Hat tip to Primordial Slack)

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