Sunday, August 26, 2012

Obama Campaign Stop Welcoming Committee

I'm sure demonstrations like this one accompany any campaign stop by either candidate, and this video probably accentuates the positive. Still, it's fun to watch.

And now, for something completely different:

I'm not sure what the "white ticket" banner is all about at 2:12. It really irks me that anyone is talking about race anymore. There seems to be a "culture of race" in this country that is simply used to divide people politically along racial lines. If you don't want to be a racist, simply stop looking at people through the damn lens of race!

What we have today isn't race war, it's culture war. People keep insisting on basing their culture along racial lines. A culture of individual freedom, liberty and responsibility benefits anyone of any race. Everyone has barriers to success, and they simply need to quit whining, and get to work to overcome them. The government can never help you be a truly successful person. It can only make you pathetically dependent on others.

In the free market, anyone who discriminates by race is shooting themselves in the foot. Their prosperity will suffer by alienating that sector of potential employees -- or potential customers. If they want to bite off their nose to spite their race, they only show their own stupidity -- and pay a very real price.

We abolished apartheid in this country in 1964. It has been more than 40 years -- two generations -- since we removed institutional racism in the United States. No classical liberal that I've ever met has the time or inclination to hold any other person back on account of race. We always wanted honest hard work to pay off, and for everyone to succeed.

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