Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We Are the 53 Percent!

A friend sent me something he received via email:
Here's some food for thought: Barack Hussein Obama was raised by a single mother -- government assistance; he went to college -- government loans; he worked on projects in Chicago -- government paid; became a senator -- government paid; became president -- government paid, and he will retire with a government pension. This man has depended on government assistance his entire life, and the Democrats are criticizing Mitt Romney for saying that 47% of our population depends on the government to support them. Go figure. Just my own thoughts. I wish I could let the country be aware of my thoughts.
The thing that the Democrats have their panties in a twist about is where Mitt Romney went on to say, "[M]y job is is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives." Even though he explains what he means by "not to worry", the Dems are trying to twist his words into not caring about the disadvantaged. Of course anyone with a functioning CPU (brain) understands that he means not to concern himself with convincing them -- which he says in the very same breath. Duh.

What are the odds that he will convince the takers that they are not entitled to your earnings? They've been told all their lives that they are! They've been indoctrinated with the idea that keeping what you earn is selfish. I think taking what someone else earns is more selfish, although I do believe in charity. I just don't think it's government's job to be in the charity business, or to redistribute the wealth. Wealth redistributes itself! Government can only interfere with the process. 

Thanks to Rogers for the email.

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  1. The borg system is hell bent on brainwashing everyone to believe that those that have thru their own efforts have done so at the expense of those that do not have. So if you don't 'have' it's the fault of those that do have. Then the borg go on to brainwash everyone to believe that they are victims of those that have and they should be handed the fruits of labor from those that provide for themselves. That thinking is the deadliest poison pill ever concockted since the beginning of human existence.
    Those that 'deal' that pill are the ultimate pushers from hell. It works sadly, and the stench from the body count is somehow missed.
    How is that? I for one sure wish I knew that.


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