Saturday, October 20, 2012

Romney's Foreign Policy

We're all familiar with President Obama's foreign policy. Here's Romney's, in his address to the Virginia Military Institute on October 8:

The video is doing some weird things to his face.


  1. Doing strange/weird things to the image of -just his face- is right. Very bizzare, I've never seen that 'effect' before.
    If Mitt can speak like this WITH OR WITHOUT- 'tele-prompters' wow man, right on.

    1. The fact that he isn't distracted by the veins popping in and out like that shows what a good speaker he is! The camera never zoomed out, so I can't tell if he had TelePrompTers or not. It was a good speech either way, and since we know Obama uses them, Romney can if he wants to. The gloves are off, and the PrompTers are on!


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