Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Official Specification for The United States

I used to think The Constitution would protect me. It will, but only if We the People insist on it. That hasn't been happening lately. The Constitution can't uphold and defend itself. Americans need to hear 365 days a year, something like The Pledge of Allegiance. It goes like this:
  1. The United States Constitution is still the official specification for the United States of America. 
  2. It is the binding contract between We the People and The US Government. 
  3. The Constitution lists the specific services that the US Government agrees to provide for its citizens. 
  4. We the People agree to pay taxes to cover the cost of those specific services, nothing more, nothing less. 
  5. The Bill of Rights lists the ten things that must always be observed, period. 
  6. The terms & conditions of The US Constitution can only be changed by following The Amendment Process. 
  7. Any regime that distorts or disregards The Constitution is untrustworthy and dangerous. 
It is my contention that the majority of social and political problems in this country could be avoided if everyone understood and observed these seven points. 

We the People must insist that our elected representatives live up to their oath of office to uphold and defend The Constitution.

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