Wednesday, February 20, 2013

SB 5737 and The Fourth and Second Amendments -- Oops!

Democrat Senators Adam Kline, Jeanne Kohl-Welles, and Ed Murray said in effect, “We just didn't know that Fourth Amendment infringement was right in there next to our Second Amendment infringement – our bad!”

Nice try, Poindexters! So not only can’t you read, but you can’t remember the exact same wording in a bill from three years ago? If you’re going to lie, you need to hire a better fact checker. I know you think we citizens are an inferior breed that are just not capable of self-government, but we were smart enough to catch this one, weren't we?

But while I have your attention, let me lay some natural rights on you. Rights are something we have, not something government grants. My rights, including self-preservation and self-defense exist even without the Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment says, “... the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” It is written with the acknowledgement that the right already exists. It doesn't say, “...the right to keep and bear arms is hereby granted.”

Even if illiberal control freaks in Washington (State or D.C.) manage to decimate the Bill of Rights, I still have all the rights I was born with. To exercise them would merely put me at odds with a tyrannical regime. Sadly, I would not be the first human to suffer that fate. It’s very disquieting to see it gaining momentum in these United States.


  1. Gun control has always been a needed option for the law abiding citizen when under attack.
    They have the need to remain alive and control the fire of their gun to kill someone who intends to end their life.

    1. I believe in gun control: I use both hands.


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