Sunday, July 14, 2013

Truth vs. Hysteria

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Mug Shot
Here are the headlines copied directly from Drudge, July 14, 2013 - the day after the Zimmerman "not guilty" verdict:
It looks as if the media and our political and cultural "leaders" think we're still living in the land of To Kill a Mockingbird - fiction when it was published in 1960. Some of those headlines are downright disgusting, e.g.,  AP REPORTER: 'SO WE CAN ALL KILL TEENAGERS NOW?'  Hey AP Reporter (reporter?!), the jury saw all of the evidence that was presented in the case. The prosecutor and the defense gave their best arguments. The judge was not impartial, and there is evidence that she was being pressured by the Obama regime, of all things. Traditionally, American jurisprudence has held that a man is innocent until proven guilty. If this is what now passes for impartiality in our government, then Houston, we have a problem.

Even with all the pressure, the jury voted to acquit. In other words, they could not vote with a clear conscience, that George Zimmerman had murdered Trayvon Martin with malice and forethought. Hell, they couldn't even bring themselves to assume, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Zimmerman was guilty of manslaughter. The self-defense defense must have been remarkably compelling.

So no, we cannot all kill teenagers now. But maybe if a hulking grown man who hasn't quite reached the age of 20 starts slamming your head into concrete, and bloodies your nose, with no sign of stopping any time soon, you can shoot him. But you'd better still expect the hassle of your life, and don't expect impartiality under the current regime.


  1. Now if George's name had been Georgia, and if she'd saved her own life by plugging Trayvon with that same nine, then the press, the race hustlers, and the regime would have been presented with an interesting dilemma.

  2. So now that Zimmerman has stood trial for murder and been aquitted:
    Apparently the U.S Justice Department has decided to look into the possibly of putting him on trial again for something under 'civil rights' scrutiny law or whatever.
    Motivation stemming from screaming people who can't stand the legal system working per law and not happy with the outcome putting political PC (?) popular opinion pressure on high/higher authority to decide and or force the notion now that the feds must prejudge a level of guilt of somekind and then form a super level legal hit squad to again try to drop the hammer of 'justice' on this citizen? My Dad was an ATJA a bunch of times during WWII so he hammered a few things into me growing up, thank you Dad.
    If I ever attack someone whatever the lead-up they have the right to defend themselves with deadly force because I might intend to kill them end of story. That's the chance I take in going to ballistic combat with another human being. Martin attacked Zimmerman at some point and died as a result. No one forced him to attack, his choice, his risk, he paid with his life.
    Zimmerman took out the threat with deadly force when push came to pull getting his head bashed into the concrete or whatever.
    He stood trial for murder and was aquitted by a jury. Gameover. Done.
    As far as I am concerned, please correct me if I am smoking crack here but that is the end of it because of a HUGE LEGAL thing called DOUBLE JEPARDY.
    Good luck to all of us and America these days.


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