Sunday, July 21, 2013

You Have Been Played!

How many of you thought Trayvon Martin was in possession of Skittles and tea on the fateful night of his death? Why would you think that? I know everyone has their preferences, but tea always struck me as an odd choice for a street-wise yute*. Could it be that we have been played? Yes! It seems we have all been played. You see, as I discovered when I watched this video, Trayvon was not in possession of tea at all. It was "Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail". Forget the negro-watermelon stereotype. That doesn't even enter into it.

No, the possessions found at the scene of Trayvon's death were Skittles candy and Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail. Two ingredients of something called "Lean", a highly addictive and dangerous recreational intoxicant. There are variants of course, but you can make it from Skittles candy, Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail, and dextromethorphan (DXM cough syrup). Trayvon didn't have the DXM with him at the time, but I can think of several reasons for that, which don't strain credibility one inch.

This could all be one big coincidence, save for the fact that Mr. Martin's autopsy showed liver damage of the type caused by heavy use of "Lean". Furthermore, this concoction has psychological side-effects that include paranoia and extreme physical aggression. At some point, Occam's Razor really has to kick in.

Given these tightly related and highly significant facts, why would the media be so uncurious about this? One might even say the information was suppressed (this one does). I'm not even sure if Fox News called this one honestly. I know the illiberal 'progressives' like to get exercised within an inch of a heart attack in their faux outrage over what they like to refer to as "Faux News" conspiracy theories. 

Well folks, here is a propaganda conspiracy that just died, rolled over and stinks out loud. If it isn't a conspiracy, then it's mass ignorance or a complete lack of courage about telling the truth. I have been called a racist for pointing out things like this. On the contrary, giving troubled black youths and their toxic culture a pass is racist, and it's hurting them terribly. The racist illiberal 'progressive' agenda caused it, the media hasn't the guts to report it, and it all makes me very sad. And we have been played.

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  1. On my AT&T Yahoo mail logon they are displaying the picture of the 14 year old Trayvon Martin that makes him look like a happy little choirboy and not the thug wannabe that he really was. If the truth were told, Sharpton, Holder, and Obeauzeau wouldn't have been able to get the black folks all riled up. Don't expect this to go away. It will be back for the 2014 elections to get the black folks to the polls to vote for their Dimocrat masters.


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