Sunday, October 13, 2013

Where Are You on the The Nolan Chart?

What is your political persuasion? As you can see, I sit in the libertarian corner of this chart. It says that I am about 80% classical liberal on personal issues, and about 90% classical liberal on economic issues.

How did I find that out? I took this quiz. If I took it again, I might get a slightly different answer. The quiz consists of ten questions. I think that might be too few to get a truly accurate reading, but it is interesting.

The really interesting thing about this is that most 'progressives' would call me a right wing conservative, which I most certainly am not. That would demand that I tolerate far less personal freedom than I am comfortable with.

A hard core right-winger would demand nearly zero personal freedom and nearly 100% economic freedom, while a hard core left-winger would demand nearly zero economic freedom and nearly 100% personal freedom. Interestingly, a statist demands nearly zero personal freedom and nearly zero economic freedom. A libertarian demands nearly 100% personal and economic freedom.

I am not an anarchist though, which brings me back to this other chart that I made a couple of years ago:

It isn't to scale, of course. There is no scale. But it does illustrate how individual liberty increases with increasing government - up to a point. Beyond that point, government becomes oppressive, and self-determination begins to diminish. So in the general scheme of things, I believe that I am more of a centrist - perhaps to a little right of center. The Nolan Chart may require some more calibration. 

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