Sunday, March 1, 2009

Charity, Prosperity and the Great Society

LBJ's Great Society created a massive increase in government welfare and oppression, in the name of helping the less fortunate. There is no question that any great society would voluntarily help the less fortunate. What is not so great is the government demanding that we help the less fortunate, imposing taxes and inflicting penalties for not doing so. A society that has to be forced by government to help the needy isn't a great society; it is pathetic.

A free and prosperous society will have more resources all around to help the needy. Even if capitalists spend all of their time and money working for themselves, the generated wealth spreads automatically, and no less equally than if government does it.

Charity is necessary to help those who are willing but unable to participate in the free market. A great society cares for these people. However, we are less likely to be charitable when we feel that our government has already taken 30% of our earnings, especially when they spend it on causes that we feel are unworthy. If those who would try to use the force of government to enslave us to further their own agenda, would instead exercise their first amendment right to free speech, they might convince more of us voluntarily to donate to charitable causes of our own choosing.

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