Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Video Proves -- Tea Partiers Are B-B-B-Birthers!

This video is being posted as a "video response" on tea party YouTube channels:

In case you couldn't stand to watch the badgering and lack of meaningful dialog to the bitter end, I'll summarize it for you. The interviewer has two or three questions for unprepared tea partiers. A pattern emerges (paraphrasing):
Interviewer: "Do you believe that Barack Obama was born in the USA?"
Tea partier: "I dunno."
Interviewer: "He says he is. Do you believe him?"
Tea partier: "No."

Conclusion: Tea partiers are b-b-b-birthers! That conclusion misses the point. The real conclusion should be that tea partiers don't trust Barack Obama. That should come as no surprise, and here's why: In stark contrast to 'progressives', most tea partiers believe that The Constitution of the United States is still the official specification for the USA; that it is still the binding contract between We the People and the US Government; and that any regime that denigrates, distorts or disregards The Constitution is untrustworthy and dangerous.

In a few instances in the video, the badger interviewer followed up (paraphrasing):
Interviewer: "Why don't you believe him?"
Tea partier: "He lies."
Interviewer: "What does he lie about? Name one lie he has told!"
Tea partier: (unintelligible)

I was disappointed that no tea partier responded with something like, "Hello! How about the oath of office? As his very first official act, President Obama swore an oath to God and everybody to uphold and defend The Constitution. The very document that he cunningly denigrates as the fundamental flaw in American politics. The very document that as president, he immediately proceeded to distort and disregard. Barak Obama's oath of office was a pants on fire moment!" So, tea partiers don't trust Barack Obama. Or maybe we do, but not with our liberty.

Obama's unwillingness to take concerns about his constitutional eligibility seriously gives 'progressives' just another loose thread to further unravel constitutional government. They coined the pejorative term "Birther" to discredit anyone who demands that a presidential candidate produce credible evidence that s/he is constitutionally eligible to serve. That should be fundamental, not fringe! The birth certificate is merely one element of Barack Obama's entire crypto-synthetic history. Playing cat and mouse with his credentials is to Obama's political benefit, but it is to the detriment of We the People and the general welfare of the United States. That is not trustworthy behavior.

It isn't just Barack Obama though. G. W. Bush and Republicans in the legislature were none too strict either, constitutionally speaking. But it was in 2006, when the balance of power in Washington, D.C. shifted entirely to the Democrats, that we really came off the rails. In fact, the tea parties got their name from a rant by Rick Santelli on CNBC. So anybody who tries to label the tea partiers as b-b-b-birthers is completely (and deliberately) missing the point.

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