Saturday, December 29, 2012

Principled Legislators

There are still a few legislators out there who are not self-serving vote hustlers. They became legislators to serve the citizens and, swimming against the stream, restore government to its proper role of protecting our natural rights -- instead of the unauthorized role of controlling others and redistributing wealth. They deserve our thanks and support. I'm sure they'd appreciate some support; it's pretty lonely in Olympia for classical liberals.

From their Facebook page:
Making lower taxes, less government, and more freedom a reality since 2012... at the state and local level. If freedom is worth dying for it is worth voting for. Join the fight for freedom today!
Our mission is to restore a constitutional State of Washington based on the Republican form of guaranteed under Article IV, Section4 of The Constitution of the United States, so that our children and grandchildren can live in peace and prosperity and freedom.
 They have an agenda, but it's pro-liberty (unlike some other well-known agendas in the news lately) :
Lower Taxes
1. Balanced Budget Amendment
2. 2/3rds Requirement to Raise Taxes Amendment
3. Protect Small Farms and Businesses (More to Follow)
4. Relieve the Tax Burden on Working Families (More to Follow)
Less Government
5. Regulatory Reform and Fairness Act
6. Protect Private Property Rights (More to Follow)
7. Save our Homes Act (Reducing Property Tax Penalties)
8. Healthcare Freedom Act (Opt Washington Out of Obamacare)
9. Energy Freedom Act (Opt Out of Cap & Trade, Cease Membership in WCI)
More Freedom
10. Protecting the Right to Life (More to Follow)
11. Constitutional Currency Restoration Act
12. Firearms Freedom Act (CCL Expiration Notification and Location Clarification)
13. Protect Right of Conscientious Objection(More to Follow)
14. Ensure Free, Fair, Accurate Elections (More to Follow)
15. Protect Civil Liberties (More to Follow)
16. Protect Food Freedom (More to Follow)
It's a pleasure to report things like this. This is precisely what I had in mind with my New Enlightenment initiative.

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