Thursday, August 31, 2017

How to Perpetrate and Perpetuate Lies


Around the turn of the 20th Century, the industrial revolution was in full swing. Mass production and assembly lines were beginning to develop. Seeing the success in one field, people assumed it would work in other fields, like public schools. Schools that once considered students as customers, under this new vision, began to think of their students as products. They even instituted "quality control" measures, such as standardized tests, to make sure the product was uniformly homogenized.

Labor saving devices and inventions were revolutionizing farming and construction, as well as housework. Simultaneously, other ideas, such as the effects of Karl Marx' Communist Manifesto, along with the eugenics movement, were all contributing to the idea that we were 'progressing' into a brave new era of human development. 'Progressivism' was the word given to people who bought into this movement. Of course, it was anything but progress, but political forces like to redefine the language to create buzzwords that will get people to buy into the scheme.

Within a few decades, many of the 'progressive' agenda items were discredited, especially after the real Nazis demonstrated what eugenics and socialism were actually all about. So the 'progressives' renamed themselves 'liberals', and partially eschewed eugenics, but socialism and communism thrived in their minds (the brutality of actual communist implementations, like the USSR, North Vietnam, Red China, etc., drove communism underground for a while, but it's having a mainstream resurgence these days).

About the Buzzwords

The word 'liberal' means of, or pertaining to liberty. But the dictionary actually lists "open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values." as the first definition! Liberty isn't mentioned at all! The word 'progressive' means of, or pertaining to progress. But the dictionary actually lists "(of a group, person, or idea) favoring or implementing social reform or new, liberal ideas." How does this happen? Deliberately! Someone picked a word and started using it for their movement, until the old context was drowned out. The deception was complete!

I understand that words and the language evolve, and words can take on nearly opposite meanings from what they once were. It's just important that we understand that the new meaning is based on a lie, and that the subliminal message is deliberate.


Consider the following: Let's say that in 1913, people of the Republican Party decided to call themselves 'beneficials', on the grounds that ideas like limited government, free markets, equal justice, personal freedom, personal responsibility and charity are beneficial to society, and are superior to any alternatives. After 75 years or so, the first definition for the word 'beneficial' might be "(of a group, person, or idea) favoring or implementing limited government, free markets, equal justice, personal freedom, personal responsibility and charity." Hey, maybe we Classical Liberals should start calling ourselves 'beneficials'!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Corporate Greed? It is to Laugh!

When I hear people talk about corporate greed, I point at government and say, "um... Hellooo!!!" At least the corporation doesn't have me over a barrel. I am at liberty not to do business with them. Government is more like Mafia thugs: you're in our territory; pay us or else. Sell it to us, or else. It's for your 'protection'.

If you don't have a permit, then it isn't permitted. A permit will be $7.00 per square foot, paid to the tribes. You need a permit for a domestic well to build a home? Well... you can't.

You want to build there? Sorry, that's wetlands! You can't. We don't care if it it's dry now. That'll be $30,000.00 per day that you haven't restored it to pristine condition. Not connected to federal navigable waters? Take it to the Supreme Court! It will take years, and millions of dollars. Your life will be ruined. Good luck with that!

You sunk your life savings into property to build your dream home? Too bad, sunshine, there's a pocket gopher living in one corner. It looks like nobody will ever build there.

We've rendered your property worthless? Your life savings are gone? That's not a taking; you should have done your research.

That is so not free.

Friday, July 8, 2016

In Need of Masters

'Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.' ~ Ben Franklin

Inner city black neighborhoods are like war zones, with feral youth gangs raping and pillaging their own. Frightened residents, just wanting to be left alone, call the police. The police go in, and eventually somebody gets shot. The police amp up the force. 

'Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.' ~ Ben Franklin

Black Lives Matter go on the march against the police, and it seems looting and rioting is the result. The police amp up the force. 

'Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.' ~ Ben Franklin

Anti-Trump protesters show up to disrupt the peoples' right to hear a duly elected candidate for president. Looting, violence and rioting is the result. The police amp up the force. 

'Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.' ~ Ben Franklin

A bloodthirsty religious zealot shoots up a gay bar full of unarmed victims. Statists want to take the guns from the rest of us.

'Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.' ~ Ben Franklin

A candidate for president is guilty as hell, and if anyone else had done what she did, we'd be locked up like Martha Stewart. But Hillary walks.

'Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.' ~ Ben Franklin

Statists, community organizers, Cloward and Piven, Saul Alinsky, you know who I'm talking about, all want to stir the pot, because they know that when violence, chaos and dissent are prevalent, they can be our masters.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Second Amendment & Federalist No. 29: Concerning the Militia

Federalist No. 29 (full text) was an attempt by Alexander Hamilton to allay the fears of the Anti-Federalists of the risk of a National Guard, or "Well Regulated Militia" from getting out of hand, and oppressing the citizens.

From the Daily Advertiser | Thursday, January 10, 1788 | Author: Alexander Hamilton

The Anti-Federalists were fearful of the strength and centralization that this new Constitution would bring to the federal government. The Federalist Papers were op-ed pieces published anonymously by several Federalists to support the adoption of the Constitution of the United States. The Federalist Papers give us some of the most illuminating insight into what the founders were thinking.

In Federalist 29, Alexander Hamilton appears to be arguing in favor of a militia, even as a law-enforcement body, and rejects the idea that such a militia would be of any significant risk to citizens of the United States. Hamilton argues that we need not fear our sons, fathers and brothers, even if they are commanded by an executive magistrate. In fact, Federalist 29 uses the term “well-regulated militia” and variations on that phraseology. That turn of phrase seems to be well recognized in the lexicon of the time to describe the kind of national defense being contemplated.

James Madison believed that the Constitution, with its enumerated powers, would be sufficient to limit government specifically to the functions and authority granted therein. However, many were not so convinced. James Madison and others were finally persuaded to go along with the idea of a Bill of Rights – given the very real risk that the Constitution would not be ratified without it. If we think of the Articles of the Constitution as the “white list” of powers that the federal government should have, the Bill of Rights would be the “black list” of things that no good government would ever do. The Constitution granted certain powers to the federal government; the Bill of Rights guaranteed protection to the citizens from the government.

So Federalist 29 actually reinforces my conviction that people were worried that the federal government would have a “well-regulated militia”, so much so that Alexander Hamilton felt compelled to write Federalist 29, ridiculing that concern as being unfounded. But in the end, the Bill of Rights allowed that “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” The first clause, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State”, acknowledges the need for the federal government to have armed services at its disposal, but the Bill of Rights guarantees that “the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”, lest We the People lose control of our government.

The Bill of Rights was never intended to provide more power to the government; quite the reverse. The Bill of Rights was always intended to prevent the government from ever becoming tyrannical and oppressive. So any attempt to morph the Second Amendment into an instrument of authority for mustering a national guard, would be a distortion of grave proportions. The Second Amendment was intended to protect individual citizens from government, just like all nine of the other amendments in the Bill of Rights.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

We Are All First Responders

Before Omar Mateen committed his crime, he had committed no crime. We cannot curtail someone's civil rights on pure speculation, whether they're evil, or just mental. Sure, maybe once in awhile, government might be able to break up a plot being hatched, but not very often. And trying to rid this country of guns in hopes of stopping crime and mass murder is an illusion that curtails everyone's civil rights.

We the People must come to grips with the fact that we are all first responders! When seconds count, help can arrive in minutes. What happens in the meantime is our responsibility. A few concealed carry folks could have stopped this Orlando massacre after the first shot. A few open carry folks might have stopped this with nary a shot being fired.

Now make no mistake: if you shoot someone, even in self-defense, you're going to be in for the hassle of your life. The perpetrator's family will try to sue you. The bleeding hearts will try to prosecute you. And if you made a mistake, forget it. You're toast. Nothing is perfect, but that still doesn't alter the fact that we are all first responders

It might take the sting off of it a little bit, if local police and sheriff departments were to implement citizen deputy programs that would train volunteers how to assess risk, how to handle a weapon, and when, and when not to use it. If local government cannot be bothered, or if it is too politically incorrect, maybe the National Rifle Association, or some other civic group could offer this training as a public service. Special endorsements, i.e., certificates, could be attached to the concealed carry permit. The training needs to be rigorous enough to be taken seriously by the legal system. 

I will repeat: We the People must come to grips with the fact that we are all first responders! When seconds count, help can arrive in minutes. What happens in the meantime is our responsibility. There are times when the government just can't help us. We have no option but to take responsibility for our own safety, and the safety of our neighbors, brothers and sisters. 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Donald: Not Your Father's Ronald

I have heard Donald Trump being compared to Ronald Reagan. Just yesterday, in fact. I'm sorry, but Donald Trump is in no way similar to Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan was principled about freedom and the Constitution. Ronald was humble. Ronald was gentle. Ronald was witty. Ronald could stay on point. Ronald spent many years in the bull pen, warming up for his gig.

But we get the politicians we deserve. Our culture has coarsened considerably since the early 1980s. From defining deviancy down, to the kind of language we tolerate on TV and in public. I still tend not to use words in public that I would not use in front of my parents. How about you?

There's this article by Mychal Massie, making the rounds on Facebook today.
As someone who takes pride in being self-aware and principled, I don’t need endless memos and researched anecdotes to peel back the layers of pretense to expose the real Donald Trump. I know exactly who the man is; he’s an opportunist, a narcissist and borderline megalomaniac, who lives for the thrill of the hunt. However, he’s also a closer, a shark, and a shrewd businessman who embodies America exceptionalism: a concept that forged the most powerful and affluent nation in less than two centuries and an ideal liberals have worked tirelessly to eradicate.
I find it very convincing. I wish I didn't still have this sick feeling about putting up a Trump sign in my yard. It just makes me feel dirty. But I know Trump is probably the only viable choice this November.

People like me and Ted Cruz blathering on about the Constitution don't get any traction. Reagan still had the benefit of civics education in public schools to fall back on. He didn't have to fill in the blanks, to blank stares, like we do. Unfortunately, it is a manifest conflict of interest for government run schools to teach of limited government. What do you expect from them? Go, school choice! Given the recent tyrannical bathroom mandate, school choice might indeed be seeing a revival. 

Meanwhile, we got Trumped. He might not be any less tyrannical than the current tyrant, but at least he's my tyrant. Until civics and the founding constitutional principles are once again taught to our young, we can expect more of the same. 

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." ~ Benjamin Franklin

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Liberty Offensive

(Feel free to be offended!)

Playing Offense
For about 100 years, starting around 1913, the beginning of the 'progressive' era during the Woodrow Wilson regime, and continuing with the Frankfurt School, liberty and freedom have been under attack. Freedom and liberty supporters played defense. For 100 years, we've been in defense of liberty, and look where it got us.

We need to take offense, and play offense. I keep hearing, and have said it myself, "once lost, liberty is nearly impossible to recover". That's only true if you're playing defense -- trying to defend your liberty. Don't defend liberty! Demand liberty! Make our illiberal oppressors defend their reasons for taking our liberty! Let's start kicking ass, and taking names!

Coming out of the Age of Enlightenment, the concepts of freedom and liberty were on the offense in the American Revolution, and we won against seemingly insurmountable odds. This nation was founded on the idea that the individual is the world's smallest minority, and that individual rights and responsibilities deserve the most respect. We are being oppressed. We have been playing defense for too long. The government is taking our freedom, and selling it back to us as permits. We must go on the offense! Join The Liberty Offensive!

Flinging Poo
The left are throwing crap at the wall faster than we can scrape it off. Throwing legislation, ideas, movies, plots, TV shows, that all audaciously push the envelope further and further to the left. They are overshooting their goals, just so the line gets pushed to the left, where they want it. Who would have guessed, 20 years ago, that long held traditional values like marriage and Christmas would be corrupted and marginalized, and if we object, we're the ones who can be fined for bigotry?

The Constitution binds the government, and forces government to treat every citizen equally under the law. The Constitution frees the individual and private business. Everyone is at liberty to be as bigoted as we please. Other dissenting individuals and businesses are at liberty to boycott us. That's how things work in the free market of ideas. Not for very much longer.

A friend of mine was a Marine. He said that they were trained in hand-to-hand combat, to punch past the goal. If you mean to punch a man in the nose, aim for the back of his head. That way, you'll be sure to smash his nose. The left are already doing that. We cannot wait for the left to throw out their next outrageous idea, and try to fight it. Just by getting it out there, it gains a certain level of acceptance. Even if we object, and the judge says, "sustained", the jury cannot un-hear it. The defense rests. How many more times do you think the Supreme Court will say the right to keep and bear arms, is an individual right?

So what does it mean to join The Liberty Offensive? It means we need to start putting our ideas out there, for the jury to hear, even if the judge says, "overruled". We need to try to pass legislation that enhances individual liberty and responsibility, even if President Zero vetoes it. We need to write songs with liberty-laced lyrics. We need to write TV shows that celebrate freedom and responsibility. We need to mock and ridicule the ridiculous PC ninny-speak. As Bill Whittle likes to say, "we are the steely-eyed missile men who believe in loud guns, hot women and fast cars". We need to aim for the back of 'progressives' heads, just to be sure we smash their noses.

Do you know why I always put the word 'progressive' and 'liberal' in single quotes? Because 'progressivism' is the exact opposite of progress. It is regression. Today's 'liberals' are illiberal statists. Those are irony-quotes. And I use single quotes instead of double quotes, because I don't think 'progressives' and 'liberals' are worth the extra effort it takes for me to hit the shift key to make double quotes. That is the kind of contempt I have for 'progressive', 'liberal' ideology. They talk liberal, but they mean slavery.

If the Republican party doesn't start going on the offensive for liberty, it will be left in the dust. The Democrat party have become increasingly 'socialist' (communist-lite), and the opposition party is supposed to provide a counterbalance. It means moving further to the right, to counterbalance the left. The Republicans are supposed to be the opposition to the Democrat party. But the most recent budget bill passed by the Republican-controlled congress, essentially passed the entire Democrat agenda. That is not opposition; that is capitulation!

"Grow a Pair, Baby Cakes!"
Come on, you GOP-ers, grow a pair, or a spine, or both, and start introducing some offensive legislation worthy of the name, "Grand Old Party"! And I mean "offensive" in every sense of the word. Make that legislation offensive to the left. The more offensive, the better! Go on the offensive! Be on the offensive! Offend the hell out of them! Offend their faces off! Aim past your target, so that what you hit will be the new target. Move the Overton Window back to the right. Stop walking on eggshells, being afraid to offend people. Being offended is for weenies! Donald Trump doesn't have all the right ideas, but he has the right attitude.

Audit the Fed! Defund Planned Parenthood! Dismantle the IRS and the EPA! Dismantle the Department of Education! Get rid of as much oppressive bureaucracy as possible! If it isn't an enumerated power, lose it! Audacious? You bet! Non-starters? Maybe for the first 100 tries. The 'progressives' have been doing their crap like this for 100 years. We have to play the long game.

No more defense of liberty! This is The Liberty Offensive! We are offensive! We're here to throw crap against the wall faster than the left can scrape it off. The stickier the better. People just want to be left alone to live their lives, keep the stuff they earned, and be decent people, to the greatest extent possible. Even 'liberals'. Suck it up, lefties!