Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blood Libel -- Bullseye, Sarah!

The 'progressives' have their panties all in a twist over Sarah Palin's video speech this morning. She used the term "blood libel", which the 'progressives' are calling "deeply anti-semitic". (That begs the question as to why Sarah would start talking about Jews in the middle of a speech about something else entirely.) Most non-deranged people would take "blood libel" to mean what I took it to mean, and what Sarah intended it to mean: libel = false accusation, blood = murder or violence; i.e., a false accusation of murder. You pathetic 'progressives' are really grasping at straws now!

ABC's The Note said, "Sarah Palin once again has found a way to become part of the story." Excuse me?! Sarah's speech was in response to media accusations. You and your ilk made her the story! You people cannot be serious!

Full disclosure: for the 'progressive' deranged encyclopedia, my use of the term "bullseye" in my title means "right on". Do not infer that I am trying to incite violence.

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