Monday, April 4, 2011

I Don't Like Watermelons

If you scratch an environmentalist, more often than not, you'll find a 'progressive' (illiberal control freak) just beneath the surface. These are the sanctimonious Agenda 21 buttinskis with visions of Godhood, who want to trample my property rights, and use the force of government to compel me to join their religion.

I call them "watermelons": green on the outside, and red on the inside. I'm not an environmentalist, but I am a preservative (formerly a conservative). The roots of both of those words are "preserve" and "conserve". Environmentally speaking, I'm a conservationist. I just don't believe in using the force of government to compel others to do what I happen to think is right. I only wish I could get the same consideration in return.

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