Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The RNC Called Today... Wanted Money

I told them no. I told them that I would send my hard-earned post-tax dollars to the first major political party that would agressively recruit and support candidates who would swear to uphold the Constitution, and then do it!
  • Candidates who will remember that the Constitution is the specification for the US Government.
  • Candidates who will remember that the Constitution is a binding contract between We the People and the US Government.
  • Candidates who will remember that, if it isn't in the enumerated powers, it isn't authorized.
  • Candidates who will remember that the founders never intended the "general welfare" clause as some sort of blank check to buy votes.
  • Candidates who understand that not every "good idea" needs to be a law.
  • Candidates who believe in the Bill of Rights -- all ten of them, including the second and the tenth -- and the enduring reasons why each one is still vitally important.
  • Candidates who will remember that any regime that distorts or disregards the Constitution is untrustworthy and dangerous.
  • Candidates who can't be bought with bribes from the party bosses to send my tax dollars to their state or district to advance the party agenda.
  • Candidates who will remember that my money -- my property -- represents hours from my life that it took to earn it, and they had better spend my life sparingly and wisely, because it isn't theirs to take, and it isn't theirs to waste!
That party will get my donation for the mid-term elections. Those are my terms. Now, let's make this checklist go viral on the Internet.


  1. How can they hold themselves as conservatives when no more than dem-lite?

  2. Short and sweet. Excellent. May I snag it? You'll get the linkback of course.

  3. Drew458, by all means, help yourself. I would like to spread this message far and wide.


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