Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Progressives" Successfully Slime "The Conservative Negro" from Presidential Bid

Probably scared spitless over the prospect of a conservative black man running against the Halfrican-American, Barack Obama, the regressive spinmeisters managed to schedule serial accusers of sexual harassment, culminating in allegations of a 13-year illicit extramarital affair against Herman Cain. The one-two-three-four punch proved too much for the man, who does lack the gloves-off campaign skills of the Chicago thugocracy currently inhabiting the White House. They hounded him from the campaign trail.

I suspect that the sexual harassment cases were the typical gold-digger frivolous type. These are commonly settled out of court even if there is no impropriety, simply because it is too expensive, too embarrassing and too risky to fight it. There's always the risk that you could lose even if you're innocent. It isn't worth it. So you settle. So much for equal justice for all.

The final nail in Cain's campaign coffin was the allegation of a 13 year illicit love affair. I don't know if this is true or not. We may never know. If true, then the Cain campaign was naive not to have a credible defense already in the hopper. However... if it isn't true, how could they have prepared? If it isn't true, then this is the scummiest, low-down attack on a good man's honor that I have ever seen. I would sincerely hope that we have higher quality people running our government, but I fear otherwise.


  1. Pretty hard to believe that a 13 year affair would be the last to surface, before the other 3 sexual allegations. They all have a common thread, women, single women, financially impaired women, women who obviously lack moral principles themselves if they participated in this type of unsubstantiated slander to a person. If you're going to attempt to permanently damage someone character and reputation, you should be required to have proof (other than he said / she said) before publication, even if they are a public persona.

  2. The founders were very concerned that we hadn't the virtue as a people to govern ourselves. Maybe they were right. In the 230+ intervening years, we've managed to piss away the best system of government the world has ever known.

  3. Well said, Karl. I believe the Left saw Cain as a direct threat to the 96+% of the Black vote that the One garnered in '08. Interesting how no one in the media, main stream or otherwise, was willing to tackle this "I voted for Barack, 'cause he's Black like me" as totally, and completely racist.
    Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton have made a living off of lawsuits like those described by "Annonymous", and I wouldn't put it past either of them to have had a hand in this.


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