Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Watermelons Are Onto the Fact That We're Onto Them

I know you think, you think you know, but I think you don't. ~ Zaphod Beeblebrox
The watermelons are onto us. Lloyd Alter, at treehugger (a discovery company), writes,
This past summer I think about twelve people read my post Agenda 21: The United Nations Threat To Control Our Lightbulbs, Our Lifestyles and Our Lives, where I wrote about how historic preservation, formerly the preserve of conservative types, has morphed into socialist control of private property, a tool of Agenda 21. I called it a Tea Party Theory of Everything:
It ties it all together into one neat package, making climate change, light bulbs, transit, smart growth, fuel economy, everything a plot...It is a spreading conspiracy theory that is becoming the underlying ideology of the crazy right and that has serious legs. It is no joke.
(Continue reading Agenda 21 Wackos On The Move to Stop Smart Growth)
Lloyd concludes with,
Almost every battle over historic preservation is now becoming a property rights battle, and almost every property rights battle now has an Agenda 21 tint to it. We really have to wake up to this threat.
No, Lloyd, Americans have to wake up to this threat to their natural rights. It might not be a conspiracy, but it certainly is an agenda. Agenda 21 uses environmental bait-and-switch to up-sell its illiberal collectivist schemes.

This is no idle threat: We've had multiple executive orders, from George H. W. Bush, William H. Clinton and now Barack H. Obama (constitutional illiterates all, apparently), invoking federal agencies such as the EPA and BLM to implement key elements of the Rio Earth Summit and Kyoto Protocol (even though Congress refused to ratify it). It's called "soft law". Then, flying in below the constitutional radar, ICLEI organizes local governments to implement Agenda 21. Warm fuzzy euphemisms such as Smart Growth and Sustainable Development mislead otherwise skeptical community leaders, businessmen and citizens who ask, essentially, "where do I line up to surrender my civil liberties and right to self-determination?" "Non profit", non-government organizations (NGOs) with names like Sustainable Connections, ReSources, and FutureWise, take government grants (your tax dollars) to "educate" you in the ways of sustainability, and sue you if you don't get in line. You're paying for your own oppression.

Don't just take my word for it, go to their websites and explore for yourself what they have planned for us. I provided the links. Remember, these websites are selling their agenda in glowing terms. You might need some translation. "Smart Growth" is already being implemented in your cities, counties and towns, probably without your awareness or consent -- this is intentional. In the halls of government for Bellingham and Whatcom County where I live, the saying goes, "if it isn't permitted, it isn't permitted". Meaning that if you don't have a permit, you can't do it. Say what?! Hello, commissioner! Government derives its just power from the consent of the governed, not the other way around! These very expensive permits are required to ensure that any development or construction complies with very expensive requirements to satisfy environmental extremist and scientifically unverified measures to protect watershed, airshed (!), habitat and whatever other arbitrary barriers may be erected by planning and zoning ordinances to control normal human activities.

Don't think it's not happening in your town: After you've familiarized yourself with Agenda 21 and ICLEI, a.k.a., Sustainable Development or Smart Growth, start attending your city and county council meetings, and planning and zoning commission meetings. Read the ordinances. Listen for the buzzwords -- they're all over the place. Then, start asking yourself, and others, these questions:

  • What does Agenda 21 say, exactly?
  • What do Smart Growth and Sustainable Development actually mean?
  • What is ICLEI really trying to implement?
  • What are the EPA, BLM, parks and recreation, planning and zoning, etc., trying to implement?
  • Do you notice any similarities?
  • Do you think they're a just a coincidence?
  • Does the logical outcome have anything significant to do with the environment?
  • Wouldn't it be preferable to protect our natural resources without forfeiting our natural rights?
And then ask,
  • Have you ever tried remodeling a place you were renting?
  • How much permission and input did your landlord require?
  • Have you tried remodeling your own property lately?
  • How much permission and input did your government require?
  • Do you want to be a mere tenant on your own property?
  • Have you ever wanted to own your own property?
  • Why invest most of your life's work to purchase something that you have few rights to use for your own purposes?
Now that they know we're onto them, the watermelons are going to start squalling like hammered cats, calling us conspiracy theorists, paranoid nut jobs, and whatever else they can think of. They'll start renaming things -- picking new words to describe their tired old designs. Don't be deterred, because this is important: It is preferable to preserve our natural resources without forfeiting our natural rights!

They'll tell you capitalism, free enterprise, self-determination cannot be trusted to save the planet. What they're saying, in essence, is that government has to force us to go where free people would not go voluntarily. Is that not the definition of tyranny and oppression? I think we can do better than that.


  1. The parallels with Orwell's 1984 ought to wake up even the most brain dead who walk among us, but the arms of the Nanny State's cradle to grave entitlements have intertwined themselves so thoroughly throughout our society that a man with no experience other than voting "present" & community organizing, and whose platform consisted almost entirely of such elucidating terms as "Hope" & "Change" was elected to the highest office of our land. His known associations with the likes of homegrown terrorists Ayers and Dorn, moslem terrorist supporter Rashid Khalidi, now convicted criminal Tony Rezko, a "man of the cloth" who preaches "G-d damn America" & who's church gave a "Lifetime Achievemnet" award to Louis Farrakhan, were all but totally ignored. This crap has become so enmeshed into our psyche's, that McCain's handlers wouldn't "permit" him to bring these associations into the fray!!
    If we don't stop this now, with this election cycle, I see the people of this great land kow-towing to the Agenda 21 crowd just like the Obamanation kow-tows to the Saud's and Chavez's of the World.
    Anybody else see in this, what must have been the seeds of Orwell's vision, the same conditions that led to Hitler's Third Reich???
    Sieg Heil!

  2. Excellent job Karl - I'm sending it further afield. Thanks - stay on that "roll". m

  3. Fabulous writ of a most prophetic outcome to an unsuspecting and un-educated populace.
    "To whom the bell tolls? Why, it tolls for thee!"

  4. I agree 100%, yet I would go just a touch further and say that, as it now stands, we are losing. This sick agenda is so deeply ingrained in this area especially, that all resistance is translated as being little more than simple-minded selfishness.
    The 'enlightened' look upon those of us who cling to individual rights as Neanderthals who need special guidance. If we resist any small part of this agenda, we become hateful, narrow minded, bigoted extremists.
    Like the frog in the slowly heating water, all of us have 'relaxed' in the ever increasing warmth, for far too long.

  5. Lynn, to avoid the 'enlightened' illiberal control freaks calling us hateful, narrow minded, bigoted extremists, we all need to start asking this question: "Wouldn't it be preferable to protect our natural resources without forfeiting our natural rights?"


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